Red/Black/White Vintage Kimono Yukata Cotton Bundle, Still Folded and Tied, #8941

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A still-folded and tied with white thread, classic yukata cotton with bold true black, bright white and true bright red design. The fabric is soft, tightly woven, smooth, mid-light-weight classic high quality yukata cotton. We weren't told how much there is, but it looks to be 12-13 yards, 14.5" wide, which is a typical amount for a traditional long summer yukata kimono. This is a vintage, never used fabric, in its original 'bolt'  anchored in a few places with thread to keep it closed, which we haven't opened.  It looks to be in pristine, mint condition.  This lovely folded piece of fabric measures about 6" x 15" x 1.5" thick (it's many layers) and weighs 17 ounces. We're pretty sure it's a treasure at a great price. 100% Cotton. Japan.

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