Red & Black Silk Floral Chirimen Crepe, Eight "Imperfect" Pieces from Vintage Kimono. #4333

  • $85.00

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A luxurious silk from Japan, with a stunning traditional floral; lush chrysanthemums, on bright deep red. The print is done in several shades of not quite black; dark grays with hints of red. Some are so dark they may actually be black. The silk has exceptional softness, suppleness and drape, even for Japan. The crepe texture is fine and adds to the drape but is only slightly pebbled and still amazingly soft, sleek and smooth. However...This kimono was originally sewn with very fine stitches on this very finely woven silk, and in the process of disassembling it, some of the tiny needle are still there. Mostly down the long edges but in other areas as well, sometimes 1/2" from the edge, sometimes 2" or 3" from the edge. They are so faint they don't show up in the photos, and they may steam out, and there is still lots of area of perfect silk, but we are selling this otherwise pristine condition vintage silk chirimen as "imperfect" at a very low price, just $85 for 8 pieces. 

You will receive: 3 pieces at 14" x 38".   2 at 10" x 28".  1 at 11" x 24".  2 at 10" x 13".

It is SO worth it - you'll love this silk despite the imperfections; the drape, texture, silk quality and print are exceptional.  

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