SALE Infinite Circles Tsumugi Handweave Kimono Ikat Silk by the Yard #123

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Geometric circles all created in intricate kasuri ikat weave. This tsumugi was woven from black, dark red and white silk. It's from a mountainous area of Japan called Echigo. That area is known for having a centuries-old high end tsumugi hand-weaving tradition. This silk was most likely woven on a flying shuttle loom. It's tightly woven, strong, soft and a bit crisp, not drapey.  The red is slightly brighter than the photos; even though the gray is dark and dramatic, there is contrast and the dark red is a good pop of color. A true ikat, both sides are just the same. Vintage kimono silk in perfect condition from Japan.

14" wide and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 

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