Liquid Drape "Porcelain for Tea" Vintage Kimono Silk Satin from Japan, By the Yard #595

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Silver-blossomed branches of cherry blossoms hide among the purple and gray flecks, with mostly jade, gold and teal decorated porcelain pieces for tea. This silk has a base jacquard of millions of chrysanthemums in bloom. We're told this is a beloved Tango Chirimen - a crepe that is so soft and sleek that it only hints at a crepe texture. It seems closer to satin. Detailed, stunning print on supple, flowy, lightweight, drapey, lustrous and glistening (but not too-too shiny) silk. The pottery is throughout the bolt every few inches apart. The back is mostly white; the print barely shows. 14" wide and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the vintage, unused, like new, perfect condition bolt. 100% silk from Japan. 

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