Poppies on Black Vintage Kimono 'Shibori' Jacquard 6.5" x 61". #4404

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Vibrant print on a base jacquard of lengthwise raised, bumpy stripes formed from small invisible but dimensional diamonds that create an overall softly crinkled look, just as true shibori would do... but this is faux shibori done very very well. True rich black, bright white, a softly mottled red and several silvery grays. It may be a silk blend; it's drapey and pretty supple, but doesn't wrinkle when crushed. No shine and no body. It seems like it would be easier to care for than 100% silk. I'm a purist and most synthetics don't impress me, but this one is gorgeous. These vintage pieces were once part of a high end kimono, recently carefully disassembled for us/you. Beautiful condition. Japan.  

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