Plum/Cream Tribal Geometric Chirimen Crepe Bingata Kimono Silk, 6.5" x 14" #4287

  • $9.00

This is a Bingata silk created with stencils, probably from Hiroshima where the best Bingata kimono silks were made. This was most likely created by expert artisans applying natural local dyes onto the silk crepe. The plum blends from darker to lighter, and there are areas where it's olive and bronze, a hallmark of Bingata. The design is done in patchwork style, where different symbols and patterns appear as pieced next to another design. Medium crepe texture - not smooth, but not as pebbly and rough as some, it does have a dry hand, drape, and no shine, almost like a lightweight bark cloth feel. Pure silk from Japan, in perfect condition from its former life as a kimono. 

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