Indigo Vintage Kimono Wool Crepe, Plum Blossoms, Japan. LAST 3.3 YARD PIECE

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Only 1 left!

14.75" wide wool/silk blend from Japan, with a textured chirimen crepe weave.  Very vibrant, beautifully designed print with deep navy/indigo background and maple leaves, plum blossoms, and life! This fabric is not soft, slinky, drapey or silky - it's mid-weight and opaque, with some body. Probably around 90% wool, 10%silk.  It's vintage kimono fabric but never used, in beautiful condition.  Designed for winter kimono. 14.75" wide. 

This piece is 3-1/3 yards, for $35.00.  We have sold the rest of the bolt. 

Was 13.25/yd. (which would be $43.72 for this piece)


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