Playtime Traditional Child's Vintage Kimono Silk by the Yard. #DS621-2

  • $21.00

Happy kids with toys, flowers and friends, frolic on this bright and vibrant silk. It was created in Kyoto for a 7 year-old child's kimono which would be worn for the traditional celebration called Shichi-go-san, which celebrates the growth of children in Japan. This silk is from the 1970's-80's.  Sleek, supple, flowy, drapey, lightweight and soft, with a background jacquard of diamonds that glistens on the off-white silk. (The photos make the jacquard look quite a bit more intense than it really is). This jacquard silk was stenciled using all bright colors and the katazome technique. The back shows where the hand-applied colors have soaked through in places.   Click here for more about katazome.  

The fine gold outlining is done by hand also, probably in real gold, and there is quite a bit of it, but the lines are so fine it doesn't read as blingy.

14" wide and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the perfect condition vintage bolt. If you're first, we'll include the stamps from the workroom at the start of the bolt. 

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