Pink/Vermillion "Watercolor" Bokashi Kimono Silk Satin By the Yard #609

  • $15.00

Only 7 left!

Almost neon vermillion/pink, with off-white and blue-gray flowers. The background blurry circles look like a watercolor. It doesn't repeat exactly anywhere that we can find, and we think it's a hand-painted bokashi. A subtle crepe weave with slightly shiny satin front side that is more lustre than shine. The colors absolutely glow. This silk is mid-lightweight; slightly heavier than most of our lightweight kimono silks. It's very drapey, sleek, supple and flowy. On the back, the images are a bit subdued.  49" repeat, but as mentioned, not exactly matching, in this hand-dyed artisan silk. It may be a fairly new Tango Chirimen; it's high-end and lustrous. I 14" wide and sold by the full yard, we'll cut yours in one piece from the perfect condition bolt. 100% Silk from Japan. 

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