Peach Traditional Floral Kimono Silk Chirimen Crepe Pieces 14" x 62" #39354

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Drapey chirimen crepe in classic peach with a vibrant Japanese floral. Plum and cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, wisteria and more, in a perfectly executed print that absolutely radiates the beauty of Japan. Textured with a pebbly, dry crepe surface, this supple kimono silk is in perfect condition from its former life as a kimono. The back is almost white; the print barely shows. Japan.

2 22 21 ten bad pics once they hit shopify. iphone and preview. will try oly and photoshop now.  well, still not great pics. shoot. 

2 25 21 trying again in dining room with better light, iPhone. they suck and now preview contrast I think isn't working wow