Pastel Teal Solid Crepe Kimono Silk, Lighter Weight, 4-7/8 Yard Piece #281-B

  • $53.50

Only 1 left!

Lustrous, liquid drape, solid light teal Japanese crepe. Flowy, supple, soft, lightweight, probably fairly new, in perfect condition. The crepe texture is subtle, just softly pebbly. We're not sure if it's chirimen, Tango, or which exact crepe.  It's very close to what we know as Crepe de Chine and is high end.  100% Silk. Japan. We're always looking for solid Japanese silks and they can be hard to find. 

This silk exactly matches #281 in color, but is slightly lighter in weight and a bit smoother; not as 'deep' a crepe texture. Also stunning, liquid drape, supple and soft, and made to be part of the same kimono.  Buy "1" for the whole piece which is almost 5 yards. Based on $13.00/yd


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