Pastel Taupe-Gold Floral Kimono Silk Crepe, 6" x 55". #4444

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Traditional Japanese flowers arranged in clusters, in white, dark gold, purple, two greens, and muted orange-red. There is a jacquard woven into the silk, with flecks and long grasses, a bit thinner than the grasses in the print. The background is tightly packed flecks and speckles, in soft pastel golds and taupes, with a bit of white, and a crackled look. This appears to be a high-end Tango chirimen, with a subtle crepe texture. Tango chirimen is not as pebbly as other chirimens, it's more sleek, soft and smooth. Flowy and drapey, extremely soft and supple. There may be some small notches along the selvedge, but this vintage silk is otherwise in beautiful condition.  They were once part of a kimono. Japan. 

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