Oshima Tsumugi 'Sailing Home' Vintage Kimono Silk by the Yard # 694

  • $16.00

Only 13 left!

Beloved in Japan, Oshima Tsumugi is hand-dyed, hand-woven, and difficult to produce. The pattern is created in the weave, and the dyes are made from mud from the volcanic island of Oshima. This one depicts homes, mountains, sailing ships, clouds and forests, people looking out to sea. The base silk is off-white, and the design is in black, blues, touches of red and greenish brown. Oshima Silk Tsumugi is thin, lightweight but strong, almost but not quite shiny, slightly crispy, soft to the touch and not drapey. The back looks just the same. This is a vintage, never used bolt designed for a kimono, which has been carefully stored for many decades. It's in very good condition. These are cherished in Japan and can be hard to find. 14" wide, sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one continuous piece. Japan.

If you're first, you'll also get the beautiful old label and a free half yard because there is discoloration around the label and border. 

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