Midnight Blue-Black Oshima Tsumugi Hemp Leaves Vintage Silk ONE YARD PIECE #912

  • $15.00

Japanese Oshima Tsumugi silk is beloved for its soft crispness, smooth silky hand, luxury quality and exceptional comfort when worn. Oshima silk pongee like these have been a Japanese treasure for hundreds of years. This one is a deep midnight blue woven with rich pure black, and the hemp leaves, dark red and green flower designs in the ikat are just soft whispers, nearly hidden in stunning deep blue-black. It's as if the artisan planned for every thread to create the deepest blue possible without it quite being black. Oshima Tsumugi is generally dyed with plants and mud from the island of Oshima so we assume this one has been hand dyed that way too. A true ikat, both sides look the same. This 100% silk is thin and crisp, with a very smooth, soft hand. It's lightweight, with body, a bit of soft shine, and Oshima Tsumugi fine silk qualities. Perfect condition. 14" Wide. Japan.

This is one yard piece for $16.00

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