Orange/Gold Chrysanthemums on Navy Kimono Silk Print 14" x 43" Pieces #3778

  • $20.75

Only 2 left!

The background of this liquid-drape silk is navy/indigo, and there are sprays of mums and other flowers, mostly in oranges, yellow and white. Teeny white and red dots sprinkled everywhere. Lush foliage. This silk is rich and opulent; the print is dynamic and it was probably from a formal kimono. There is a base jacquard of satin speckles woven in. It adds subtle sheen and a softly bumpy texture to the front of this silk. You can see it in the photos and it adds dimension to the flowers, but it's basically invisible unless you're looking for it. The back is almost white; the print shows through just a little. Extreme, luscious drape!  Another treasure from Japan, vintage silk from a former life as a kimono, in pristine condition. 

We have two different sizes available; this is for the 14" x 43" pieces. They are $20.75 each and there are 2 currently available.


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