Olive/Teal Woven Ovals Vintage Kimono Wool Blend By the Yard #540

  • $15.00

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Interesting and beautiful complex woven design with thousands of cream, teal, blue-gray, black and turquoise small ovals on olive crossdye background, with fine lines connecting them; all done in the weave. The back is also great; more blue-green and gold, with blended turquoise streaks running crosswise every 5-12" randomly through the bolt. These threads create the clusters of occasional nearly-bright turquoise teal ovals on the other side. 90% wool and 10% nylon, it's thin and strong, like a lightweight upholstery weight; designed most likely for men's winter kimono jacket. The surface is quite smooth and soft, with body and a bit of sheen, but not what we'd call shiny. It's not stiff or crisp; quite soft. There are some black slubs but they also are smooth; you barely feel them but they add to the beauty of the many colors and textures.  It's so soft it doesn't seem like wool at all. Brilliant. 14.5" wide and sold by the full yard. Yours will be cut in one piece from the excellent condition vintage, unused bolt. Japan.

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