Old Japan Faux Patchwork Vintage Kimono Silk 14" x 67" #4634

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All the colors are muted and dusty in this antique-look print. The artwork looks like a handpainted watercolor with gray outlines and intricate fancy florals.  Several teal blues, olives, clay, dusty purples, muddy red-oranges.  It's a silk crepe with a subtle texture  from the crepe weave and different thicknesses of silk fibers. It's drapey, lightweight, flowy, supple, with a dry hand and no shine at all. Years ago these pieces were part of a kimono. The back is much lighter with less detail. To help you judge the scale of the print, the last 2 photos are 14" x 42" or a bit longer. Excellent condition. Some previous seam lines may have creases. 100% Silk. Japan.

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