Ochre / Orange / Indigo Japanese Chirimen Kimono Silk 14" x 64" Pieces, #3779

  • $33.00

Liquid drape, lots of texture and a dark autumnal-toned print on a supple chirimen crepe silk from Japan. Flowers, a peacock, lattice, ponds, fans. The rich ochre-washed colors are glorious against the almost-black indigo. Lovely detail in the print.  Chirimen crepe with a dry hand, pebbly texture, medium-light weight and no shine at all. The crepe weave creates tiny waves in the texture, which the camera sometimes exaggerates. In reality, this is classic, pebbly, vintage chirimen, not a crinkled silk.  

Extreme, luscious drape.  Another treasure from Japan, vintage silk from a former life as a kimono, in excellent condition. 

We have two different sizes available; this is for the 14" x 64" pieces. They are $33.00 each and there are 4 currently available.


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