Ochre Fields Jacquard Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan 10" x 37" #4675

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Stunning old kimono silk crepe with an absolutely gorgeous, complex overprinted jacquard. Coppery muddy ochre and sepia tones within shapes, each with their own accent of traditional Japanese symbols floating within, but not covering the whole shape. Liquid flowy borders undulate diagonally and organically. The crepe texture isn't like chirimen; it's pebbly and soft, adding drape and slight texture.  On the back, the colors are almost as strong and the jacquard effect is minimal. Liquid drape, supple, very soft, light and flowy pure silk from Japan, this silk has a glow and some of the symbols in the jacquard have a beautiful satin-like glisten. This fabric had a former life as pieces from a kimono, and has been disassembled for you to re-love. It's in beautiful condition. Japan. Better in person than in photos. 

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