Neon Orange Vintage Kimono Lightweight WOOL 29" Wide, BOLT of 6? Yards #238

  • $53.00

Only 1 left!

White and light gray Ume (plum) blossoms on the brightest red-orange, in a 100% lightweight wool print. Soft wool is thin, slightly sheer, supple for wool, tightly woven, with a warm hand. It has a matte finish and no sleekness or shine. It feels more like cotton than wool, but the whole bolt only weighs 13 ounces; much less than cotton. In Japan this wool is considered double wide at 29", and would be used for kimono, baby clothing and accessories, wraps and undergarments.  On the back side, the print is lighter and more towards orange. Wonderful for blouses and tops, summer dresses, scarves, pj's, etc. 

We think this bolt is 6 yards but we have not untied the original bolt which has small ties of blue string and a label still attached with thread. The wool is folded to 14.5" wide then rolled onto the round spool shown. It looks to be in perfect condition and we're quite sure this is a great price on an excellent wool. 

This folded, rolled bolt is all we have; it's $53 for the piece.

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