Last 1/2 yard, Happiness Pathways Vintage Kimono Wool Stripe # 966

  • $6.00

Only 1 left!

Japanese kimono wool with black slubs woven through navy, and an overall pattern of meandering stripes we call pathways, adorned with tiny, fine lines and dots creating traditional Japanese symbols of good luck, health, joy and prosperity. These rust colored, decorated, wavy stripes become more evident as you get closer; at first glance they are subtle. The color is true navy, not bright or towards cobalt, and not deep blackish. This lightweight, thin, wool has a dry hand and some body. It's a bit crisp, not drapey. Not sleek and smooth, there is subtle texture from the slubs. The back does not show the meandering pathways; it's navy with black slubs. This is a vintage, never used bolt which has been carefully stored for decades. It's in excellent condition. 14.5" wide, was $12.50 per yard and this half-yard piece is $6.00

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