Navy/Black 'Embroidered' Leaves Kimono Silk from Japan By the Yard #344

  • $12.00

Only 12 left!

Black and navy overall, very smooth, incredibly soft blue kimono silk. Spaced about 8" apart and alternating from side to side through the bolt, there are small light blue maple leaves in groups of 2, that look hand stitched but are actually printed. Lightweight, thin, soft, with a very subtle sheen and a little body. It's as soft and lustrous as Oshima silk.  14" wide, this silk is in perfect condition and seems fairly new. The label has a black and white photograph, which we've never seen before.  Sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one piece from the never-used bolt. 100% Silk. Japan.  Let us know if you'd like a free swatch.

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