Liquid Drape Muted Autumn Mums All Dots, Chirimen Silk Crepe LAST piece 14" x 68"# 610

  • $29.00

Only 1 left!

Large chrysanthemums in amber, sage and coral are arranged in long diagonal rows through the bolt, created mostly with tiny cream-colored dots. Dark brown and cream-dot background.  The chrysanthemums are around 3" in size. Exceptionally liquid drape.  This high end gorgeous silk is lightweight, very supple and flowy, with a dry hand, a subtle pebbly texture and no shine. On the back, the print barely shows through.   14" wide 100% silk is in excellent condition and was sold by the full yard. This is the last of this silk; it's one piece 68" long, so order "1" for the piece.

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