Mermaid's Indigo 3/4" Shell Buttons, Pack of 7 #2315

  • $7.65

Only 5 left!

Smooth as silk and full of color, these are made from Blue Mussel shells and each is more beautiful than the last. Soft indigo is the predominant color, with purples, cream, whites, and near-black.  3/4" diameter or slightly larger, slightly scooped up at the edges, quite thick, 2 holes, with lots of variance, as you can see from the photos. The fronts are completely smooth and have high shine. The backs are full of color also, some more striped than others.  Radiant natural ocean-washed and tumbled, then worked by expert button artisans. The buttons are really, really gorgeous. 

Sold in packs of 7 for $7.65

5 packs currently available. 

We have the same button in 5/8" size also, in another listing. 

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