SALE 3/16" Mask Elastic, Pink, White or Lime, 55 Yard Roll for $7.00

  • $7.00
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Only 1 left!

The perfect Mask Elastic in 19 colors. 5mm wide which is 3/16" - not quite 1/4". It's soft yet strong and made in France especially for face masks. 60% Poly, 40% Latex.  55 yard rolls are about 5" diameter and 1.5" thick. 

Choose from 3 different colors while supplies last. Pick your color from the chart, then use the drop down menu to find and order your rolls of that color. Note, color 08 is actually red even thought the photo looks more orange. 

 Mask Maker's SALE, $7.00 PER 55 yard ROLL!   That's less than 13 cents per yard.  Thank you for all you do!


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