Maple Leaf Rainbow Metallic Button, by Susan Clarke, 2"+

  • $8.00

Only 33 left!

Beautiful detail and craftsmanship from Susan's studio in California.  Dark rainbow-silvery and coppery tones in a maple leaf that seems so real; we love the bit of leafy curl they have. The iridescent, muted metallic colors range through the rainbow. Each leaf is hand-painted so no two will exactly match. A remarkable button we are crazy about!  Large, 2"-2-1/4" each way.

They are cut from a thin sheet of metal, then shaped, painted and finished. They're quite light, just one third of an ounce, or .3 ounces.   

Care: No dryer heat. Turn clothes inside out and use delicate wash, or remove the button.

If you want "Very Purple" shown below, let us know; most have some cooler tones but that particular button has the most. 


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