Copper Caramel Leaf Dance Vintage Kimono Silk Crepe by the Yard # 638

  • $13.00

Only 12 left!

Caramel-terra cotta-muted red-brown copper color that is consistent and even. Pairs of leaves floating in the breeze, possibly painted by hand, are off-white and done with resist. This vintage silk crepe has a fine, not intense, crepe surface; not pebbly, more subtle. It's drapey but also has a bit of body. Lovely matte finish and no shine at all. On the back, the caramel color is the same but the leaves come and go; also probably evidence of being hand-dyed. 14" wide, 100% vintage unused silk in beautiful condition.  Sold by the full yard and we'll cut your piece from the bolt. Japan. 

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