Indigo/White Textured Yukata 'Shibori' Kimono Cotton from Japan, By the Yard #439

  • $10.00

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Dark navy indigo, not quite black, with half-inch, mostly white spots alternating with little "tic tac toe" grids of 9 white shibori squares. Many of the white spots have little blue dashed lines through them, and some of the tic tac toe grids have blue in the white as well, as you can see. It's a nice imperfection - wabi sabi beauty. The cotton is crinkled with soft narrow pleats running across the width, so it's quite textured on both sides. Front and back are nearly identical. It may not be a typical, old-style shibori - we don't see needle-holes where threads would have been sewn or tied, and we think the crinkles are meant to create texture similar to shibori's texture.  Lightweight, thin, crisp, yukata cotton, 13.5" wide.  We machine washed and dried a piece and we love the result: it shrank to 13" wide, and became soft not crisp. The skinny pleat-crinkles stayed in but are softer now, not as intense. The perfect indigo color stayed strong with no change. Sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the "new old stock" vintage bolt. Beautiful condition, 100% Cotton.  Japan. 

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