Indigo Diamonds Heavy Crinkle Kimono Cotton By the Yard #919

  • $12.00

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Diamonds and shapes, crosses and four-sided 'flowers', on very dark navy indigo blue, two lighter blues, and black.  It feels rustic and tribal; the fabric is crinkly, stiff and not at all soft. It's not thick or heavy, though; it weighs less than 2 ounces per 13.5" wide yard, and is quite thin, with bounce and body. It appears the crinkles are created with a crepe weave, and both sides look pretty much the same. The dye may be true indigo and the fabric may be cotton, hemp, ramie, or a blend. Its paperwork is lost to history but it may have been made for a specific type of kimono that we're not familiar with. Vintage Japanese kimono fabric in excellent condition from the carefully stored, unused bolt. 

13.5" wide. Sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 

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