Illusion By Loom, Vintage Kimono Silk By the Yard #227

  • $12.00

Only 13 left!

Like looking through a misty dream. The weaver has created blurry gardens and forests, homes and flowers. With a very soft and smooth surface, this lightweight, very thin silk is a bit crisp, with some body and no shine. The reddish pinks, blacks, yellow and many greens are half-saturated, half cross-dyed with fine white and black threads. In reality the greens and whites show up stronger and brighter than the photos, but everything is still quite subdued.  Back and front are the same. Stunning. 14" wide, sold by the full yard and yours will be cut in one piece from the bolt of perfect condition vintage handwoven silk. Let us know if you'd like a tiny swatch. Much nicer and more interesting than the camera could capture. 100% Silk, possibly Oshima. Japan. 

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