Amber Honey Butter Shibori Currents Kimono Silk Satin By the Yard #345

  • $20.00

Only 12 left!

Long curves of waving shibori chains, in true red, turquoise, and ivory, with 3-petaled white shibori flowers floating in the currents now and again. The base silk is a lovely jacquard of millions of pebbley flecks, completely covering the gleaming amber silk and making it even more iridescent. There is a satin sheen that glistens in the light. Liquid drape pure silk is supple, lightweight, flowy and soft. The color seems impossible; glowing golden light!   Vintage silk is in excellent condition. 14" wide, 100% silk sold by the full yard. We cut yours in one piece from the vintage, never-used bolt. Japan. 

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