Green/Red/Ochre Bamboo and Birds Vintage Kimono Silk 14" x 45" #4609

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Painterly, high-contrast print with vivid shades green, red-orange and dark gold/ochre. Various birds, lots of chrysanthemums, maple leaves, peonies, bamboo, and many other flowers in the print. There is a bird about every 6-7". Supple, sleek silk is slightly heavier than most of our kimono silks, but still lightweight. It's drapey and soft, nearly as sleek as satin. On the back, the print barely comes through.  Decades ago, these pieces were part of a kimono, recently taken apart stitch by stitch and cleaned, for you to re-purpose. To help you judge the scale of the print, the last 3 photos are 14" wide, and about 45" long or longer.  Excellent condition. Some previous seam lines may have creases. 100% Silk. Japan.

SORRY about the bad photos; the first one is correct to the fabric and we'll re-do them all soon

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