Green Leopard Ikat, Rustic Handwoven Kimono Silk By the Yard #346

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This rustic silk has a complex, precise ikat weave, is clearly handwoven, slubby and a bit sheer; probably meant for warm weather kimono. There is lots of black in the weave, plus olives and yellows; the overall effect is deep rich textured olive, plus stripes in red and black, yellow and black, and light blue and black, all with tiny, intricate flowers woven in, all creating exceptional color contrast. The colors are quite consistent and there aren't any faded, brown or gray areas; all the colors are strong but some didn't photograph well. There are slubs throughout, and the leopard spots are feathery-edged ikat diamonds in true rich dark black, teal, red and white. This is a very beautiful old silk, more textured than soft, quite thin, airy, drapey and flowy, with no shine at all. The back is almost identical; this is a true ikat, not a print. Possibly very old and collectible; if you happen to know more old Japanese handweave silks like this, please let us know.  It seems like a relic from the past - rather delicate and thin, with weaving imperfections like little slubs, nubs, thin black threads running crosswise through the green now and then; it's clearly handwoven and old. We see no structural imperfections, stains, mold, fading or tears. The photos show the types of flaws you can expect. (Color is wrong in the last photos so that the flaws would be accentuated for you.) 14" wide, 100% silk sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the never-used bolt from Japan.

This is one of the most beautiful, soulful and interesting fabrics we have right now, despite its imperfections or maybe partly because of them. It also seems like it may be historically important or collectible, but that's out of our realm of expertise.

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