Green / Apricot Ombre Satin Print, Vintage Kimono Silk 13.5" x 62" #4645

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Stunning print on silk satin with a base jacquard of graceful grass clusters. The background greens may be all or part hand-painted bokashi, a blending of colors that seems to be done on the back, in order to be soft on the front. Golds and grays create a look of apricot. Sleek, lightweight, drapey, supple, flowy and soft, with a satin sheen on the front only. The back is also amazing, missing the print detail but showcasing the 'grasses' jacquard and the ombre bokashi.  Years ago these pieces were part of a kimono, recently taken apart stitch by stitch, cleaned and ironed for you to re-purpose. To help you judge the scale of the print, the last 3 photos are 13.5" x 42" or a bit longer. Excellent condition. Some previous seam lines may have creases. 100% Silk. Japan.

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