Pewter Olive Rainbow Check Tsumugi Kimono Silk by the BOLT FOR DANIELLE #474912

  • $235.20

Gray, plus many other colors, all combining in the weave of this gorgeous silk from Japan. In some lights it has an olive tone. Beautiful little checks and very textured from the weave. If you look closely there are threads of many different colors, textures and thicknesses. Lightweight and thin, with a bit of body and no drape.The back shows all the colors but the checks are missing; it's a beautiful tsumugi melange stripe. Unused, vintage kimono silk from Japan in pristine condition.  

14" wide. Sold by the full yard, and yours will be cut in a continuous piece. If you're first, the fringe with white-thread border is yours, too. 

Danielle: There are 14.3 yards on the bolt. Let's call it 14, and you'll also get the fringe. I can go 20% off the regular $21/yard price, so that's $16.80 per yard.  So the bolt would be $235.20.

I'll pay your shipping. 

If that's okay, Order 1  (for one bolt)