Grape Vines on Light Green Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk By the Yard # 789

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Slightly muted chartreuse/pear/apple green, this vintage silk has a base jacquard defining all the grapevine artwork, which the dying and resist work closely matches. Graceful swirling vines and leaves are creamy off-white, with areas of sheen. The grapes are darker green. The green isn't bright, it's got a vintage, almost antique, not-quite-faded essence. We do think this silk is quite old and hand-dyed; though close, none of the green quite matches to the next repeat.  Its weave is classic old Japanese silk; not chirimen crepe but perhaps an older version of crepe de chine, very tightly woven and clearly high end. Liquid drape, supple, flowy, light and absolutely gorgeous. Such a unique print. On the back, the green is not quite as strong and there is less detail.  This vintage-or-older kimono silk is in beautiful condition from the carefully stored, never used bolt. 13.25" wide. Sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one piece. Japan.

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