Gift of New Beginnings Indigo/Gold Kimono Silk 14" x 40" #4211

  • $24.00

This supple, flowy silk has a print with a base of indigo, and the artwork is created by thousands of small dots in various colors including shades of gold. There are many large fans, opening up to symbolize to the blooming of a flower and new beginnings in Japanese culture.  Gold fans in particular are a gift to bring prosperity. There are lakes and streams, hills and maple leaves, faux shibori and lots of flowers. This is a chirimen crepe with a subtle texture, not as pebbly as some, but very drapey, with a dry hand and no shine. This chirimen crepe has liquid drape, a dry hand, pebbly texture and no shine at all. The gold colors do not glisten; it is non-metallic dye but it reads as gold without being shiny.  This pure silk was once part of a kimono and is in perfect condition. Japan. 


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