Gift Certificate for $75.00

  • $75.00

Only 10 left!

Purchase this item, then we'll create a custom code for your giftee to redeem for $75, on anything they purchase from Button Bird. 

We'll need to know from you:  1. Recipient's name and your name.  2. If you'd like the Gift Certificate with the code in an email or a hard copy on paper, to be mailed.  3. Who we should send it to. 4. Any other information to help your gift be wonderful.

You are welcome to call or email Nancy at Button Bird, with this information and any questions you may have!


Your gift certificate's new owner will receive a custom code, your name, the amount,  and this information:

"To redeem your gift, just add things to your cart as you usually do. At checkout, type the code just as shown, when asked for 'discount code'.  Your gift amount will be applied to your order and we will ship your goodies to you right away. If you don't use it all at first, we'll keep track of the balance; just use the same code next time and it will work until it's spent. If you spend more, you'll be asked at checkout to pay for the balance. There's no expiration date. Any questions, let us know! We're here to help. Congratulations!"

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