Giant Ikat Peonies on Gray/Black Japanese Kimono Silk by the Yard

  • $21.25

Only 2 left!

Vintage kimono Tsumigi raw silk from Japan. This unusual, dynamic silk is very textured and slubby; mostly with black fibers, even through the flowers and leaves.  The peonies measure 8" across, which is over half the width of the fabric. The red is a towards-blue red, not orange-red. The green is vivid but then played down by the gray/black fibers. This one is a treasure! Photos can't capture its beauty.  Completely woven, the same on both sides. Body, not much drape, no shine, extreme softness. Pure silk, excellent condition. Japan.   

14" wide. Sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 


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