Giant Hexagons Kimono Silk Chirimen Crepe Piece 14" x 192" 5.3 yards

  • $85.00

Textured off-white silk chirimen crepe with deep pebbly texture. Bright tangerine borders each side; one border is 2" wide, the other is 3.25" and they're feathered where they meet the big bold hexagons in the center of the silk.  The first 141" (3.9 yards) of length has the whole print. The rest, 51" in length, does have the tangerine border but does not have the hexagons. This silk was created for an obi and never used; it's in beautiful condition. Classic silk chirimen is flowy, lush, supple, pebbly, with a dry hand with no shine. Japan. 

Colors are quite bright cyan, tangerine, lighter tangerine, red-orange, plus olive and off-white. 

This is for the whole piece, 14" x 5.3 yards, (192") of which 3.9 yards is the entire print. 

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