Flower Whispers on Softened Charcoal Chirimen Crepe Kimono Silk 7" x 13.5" #4125

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Pale cream and ivory cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums, leaves in olive, ochre and pastel orange. The background is soft charcoal; not intense but with an antique almost faded look, blending lighter and darker. The very fine charcoal outlines on all the flowers are also toned back, more in some places than others; so there is an overall pastel feel. None of the colors are bright, there is no black and no white. Some of the flowers that may look yellowish are actually very pale whitish ivory with only a hint of yellow. The color combination is subdued and meditative. Classic chirimen crepe texture, with a pebbly finish, very drapey, no shine, and a dry hand. This silk crepe was once part of a kimono and is in perfect condition. Japan.

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