Fingerprints Chirimen Crepe, Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan last 20" x 14" piece #286

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A unique print with whorls in light tangerine, changing and moving, closer and further apart as they fly.  A dusty mauve background and tiny flecks along the tangerine lines. There are large blended areas of turquoise green, golds, soft purples, coral; all very softened and also dusty. Overall it seems mostly a red clay color, slightly more towards purple than the photos, and the beauty is in all the other glowing blended colors. Saying that, the colors are always changing so "mostly" any one color may not be quite right. Chirimen crepe with a strong pebbly texture, a bit of body, lightweight but not as drapey as some. Grainy dry hand and no shine at all. The back may be your favorite; tangerine lines are more faint, and the colors may be a little stronger and almost seem iridescent. Yes, it's wonderful and unusual, another Japanese textile masterpiece.  It's in excellent condition, 14" wide.  Was cut from the never-used, vintage kimono bolt. this is the end of the bolt, remnant, it's 20" x 14" for $12.00

100% Silk. Japan. 

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