Eternal Joy Butterfly Vintage Kimono Silk 6.5" x 55" #4312

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Dark purple background, ivory outlines, and butterfly after butterfly; in Japan they signify eternal happiness. Some are colorful: top wings with quilt-like designs - tiny diamonds, squares, hexagons with orange, green and brown. There are subtle metallic gold highlights in the butterflies. They are about 1.5" in size, and arranged geometrically in long columns. The silk has a small jacquard with tiny triangles, so it softly glows with darker and lighter looks depending on the light. The front has a satin finish but not overly shiny; just a bit of gleam. The back is mostly white; the print comes through just a bit. Lightweight, flowy, drapey, supple silk. Vintage kimono silk from a former life as a kimono, in perfect condition from Japan.


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