Endless Plum Blossoms Chirimen Crepe Vintage Kimono Silk. 7" x 57. #4315

  • $17.00

Thousands of plum blossoms, from tiny to large, in magenta tones from near-white to quite dark. This silk also has true white and dots of metallic silver, with dark gray outlines. They cover every bit of this silk; no background color, no leaves; solid endless blossoms.  Known as baika in Japanese, plum blossoms are symbols of strength, prosperity and nobleness.  This silk is classic chirimen crepe, with a pebbly texture from the twist in the silk fiber as it was woven.  It's quite soft, drapey, with a dry hand and no shine at all. There are some tiny notches on the selvedge sides from its former life as a kimono. Otherwise it's in great condition. Japan.

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