Eight Turquoise Chip Vintage Buttons Various Sizes #MV-16

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The four largest buttons that match are 1-1/8" in diameter and set in brass. The next largest one is 3/4" and set in silver. One is 5/8", set in silver with blue turquoise, not green or blue-green.  One that is 9/16" and more domed, with a darker area; that button may be older?  The smallest one is 5/16" diameter and has a longer shank, a silver setting, with blue turquoise, arranged perhaps to look like a paw or flower.  $135 for the set of eight. They're in excellent condition. 

Our U.K. supplier says  "I researched a little while ago and found out that the turquoise chip technique goes back to ancient times.   When archaeologists found ancient settlements in the Ganges delta they found some evidence of this.  Turquoise is found inland from the Silk route and presumably was traded along there with the red coral from the Mediterranean region. 

The technique appears on buttons and jewellery.  
The ground is a form of black pitch and this hasn’t changed over time. 

A note of caution, sometimes white or pale turquoise is used and dyed with a dark blue. It’s not waterproof and rubbing with a warm wet cloth soon identifies it.  
Some turquoise chip was also made in China as the expertise travelled. The majority seem to be made in India.
There must be more to know ……."

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