Effervescent Life "Antique" Tsumugi Rustic Soft Kimono Silk By the Yard #DS1220-02

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Handwoven raw silk from Japan, dyed using natural dyes. There are animals and plants galore in this paradise. The base silk is chunky, slubby, raw silk that is extremely soft and luscious, and is a pale blush beige which is likely the natural undyed silk color.  This silk is called Mawata Tsumugi, rare and soft, with no shine. Lots of slubs and variation in the fibers. It looks a bit like an antique tapestry. 

About the dying process, from the previous owner:

"Suri Yuzen is a very rare stencil dyeing (Katazome in Japanese) technique. It is unique and arduous craftsmanship - the shades of colors are made by rubbing in colors by a brush, a large number of times. This process is done on each color, and several dozens of stencils are used. Making of stencils is also a craft, and and arduous job; the stencils are called Isekatagami."  Some photos here. 

14" wide. Sold by the full yard; we'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 

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