Dusty Rose Jacquard Vintage Kimono Silk By the Yard #234

  • $17.00

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This dusty rose is slightly towards dusty peach. It's lustrous and elegant. Hexagons, some with symbols of hanabishi water chestnut flowers, some with the jacquard reversed so that the two levels of shine change so that no two adjoining ones match. (Light-shine flower, darker-shine background, touching the opposite). The plain hexagons without flowers have rows of round bumps, and sometimes the rows are slightly curving and the row directions vary. This lustrous jacquard isn't what we'd call shiny, but it gleams quietly as it performs its liquid drape 'show' for you.  Soft, flowy, lightweight, higher end silk with metallic embroidery on the end.  14" wide and sold by the full yard - we'll cut yours in one piece from the never used, vintage bolt.  Japan.

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