SALE Rose-Mauve Floral Kimono Crepe Silk Blend? SIX Pieces for $20 total. #N086

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Rose-Mauve background, with a beautifully detailed print that looks Balinese, in dark red, blues, soft greens, purples, sepia and black. It's slightly heavier than most kimono silk, has a bit of body, and is probably a silk/poly blend. It has a chirimen crepe weave and a softly pebbled texture, medium dry hand and no shine. These pieces from Japan were once part of a kimono and are in pristine condition.  

Here are the sizes and quantity of the pieces you will receive, all for $20 on sale:

7" x 58" 2 pieces

7" x 82" 1 piece

14" x 41" 2 pieces

14" x 63" 1 piece

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