Dusty Lemon Lime Blur Vintage Tsumugi Handwoven Silk By the Yard #349

  • $15.00

This kimono silk is muted golden yellow and green, a bit brighter than the photos, the dyes being brushed using Japanese Bokashi technique, so the colors are softened, blended and understated. The silk itself is a bit crispy, handwoven Tsumugi, with a bit of 'rustle' and an incredibly smooth soft surface. There is also a subtle texture, much like what we call Shantung, from a bit of variance in silk thread thickness, mostly in the weft but some in the warp, a few small slubs. The slubs are mostly visual; you can barely feel them in this smooth, fine silk. The base silk is natural creamy off-white, it does not seem bleached; some of the slubs are light brown. It's not at all shiny; very matte, calm, elegant, thin and light, with body.  14" wide, 100% Tsumugi silk sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the never-used, beautiful condition vintage bolt. Japan. 

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