Fancy Fans Indigo Silk Crepe, Vintage Kimono Silk by the Yard

  • $25.00

Only 14 left!

 Oh my. Exquisite flowy textured chirimen silk with liquid drape in the richest darkest indigo. Even without the amazing little fans, this lush, somewhat heavy (for silk) indigo crinkly silk would be incredible. The dry chirimen hand and the texture is dreamy and elegant. The fans are beautifully detailed with softly hued flowers and gold highlights, with the most beautiful torn-paper look edges. They repeat every 31", and each repeat has 5 groups of fans with 7 totally different fans. The back looks almost the same; the indigo is just as deep and crinkly, and the fans are almost as strong except for the gold outlining which is barely there. 

14" wide. Sold by the full yard; we'll cut yours in one piece. Vintage Japanese kimono silk from the unused bolt, in perfect condition. If you're first, you'll get the old pink and red satin label and gold stamping, too. If you buy the whole bolt of "14" yards, you'll actually get 14 yards plus 31" 

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